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Zweihander is a battle larp inspired by the Warhammer world. The game tells the story of soldiers and civilians during the civil war in the Empire, a fantasy state reminiscent of the 16th century Renaissance Europe. ⚔

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Terms and conditions of participation

The game will take place from 16th to 19th September 2021 in Czatachowa village in south Poland (Śląskie voivodeship). The larp will begin on Thursday evening and will last continuously until the final battle on Saturday afternoon. On Saturday night, right after the game, there will be an afterparty. Please be there earlier to set up your camp and prepare for the game.


If you want to purchase the tickets from abroad, please contact us via

The price of the game pass is 240 PLN. The tickets shall be sold until the 31st of August.

At the time of writing this post 1PLN = 0.22EUR, so 240PLN = 53.65EUR. Obviously this changes daily, so check before you make the payment.

Players who will purchase a ticket with a Veteran’s set will receive props from us, which they will be able to use at the game: a map of the game area, a letter of praise from the Emperor himself and a specially made military decoration. It will be a symbol of participation in the famous battle during the invasion of greenskins led by Grom the Paunch. It will provide the holders of the medal with a common history, regardless of their unit and faction.

The fee for the game pass  is non-refundable (but if you can’t participate in the game and wish to pass your spot to someone else, you can inform the organizers at about giving the ticket to another person). After 28th August, it will no longer be possible to sign up for the game (but those who can’t go will still be able to pass on their ticket to other players).

Only adults or minors over 16 years of age having the consent of a parent or legal guardian can take part in the event (the consent template will be published on the website). With the consent of the organization, small children (up to around 3 years old) of the participants may also stay at the game area, if they do not move around the game area, and stay in the camp, under the constant supervision of one of the parents (or a legal guardian).

The price includes participation in the game (rental of the game area, access to combat missions, necessary props and scenery), access to drinking water, basic sanitary facilities (portable toilets and showers) and hiring a photographer to take pictures during the game.

How to get to the „Zweihander: Ere Frosts Come” location:


Since the game will take place in an open field without an actual address, drive to Czatachowa 32, 42-310 Czatachowa location. You’ll find the organizers there.


Please book your flight to Katowice Pyrzowice (KTW) international airport (closest airport to the game location). If you would need help to get from there to the game location, please write to us so we can help you arrange a transport.


To get to the game location, please get your train tickets to Katowice train station. From there, take a local regional train to Myszków station. If you would need help to get from there to the game location, please write to us so we can help you arrange a transport.


At the game site, there will be portable toilets and showers provided by the organizers. Please take all the things you would need to use them (they do not have to be in-game as the facilities will be in the off-game area).

You will have to bring your own historical (in-game) tent.  If you can’t or don’t want to sleep in a tent, the nearest off-game accommodations are around 6 km from the game location. There will be potable water available in the camps. The nearest grocery store is in Żarki, 6 km to the south.


If you have any questions regarding the kit/costume requirements or wish to consult us on anything regarding the quality and admissibility of your costume, please use this form. Please not this is obligatory for special characters:

Zweihander costume consultation form


 If you want to contact us about the game, you can contact us by: